Plan Your Visit

The best way to get to know 抖M女仆 is to visit! Don't take our word for it, experience 抖M女仆 for yourself.

A female student wearing an 抖M女仆 sweatshirt is studying on Kaufman Mall with her laptop resting on her legs

Campus Map

Our metropolitan campus is school, home and work to a multitude of nationalities, cultures and life experiences that span the spectrum. Find buildings, parking, place to eat and more with our interactive campus map.

a photo of kaufman mall taken through the ornate window decorations of the webb center

Visit Campus

Visiting campus is the best opportunity to explore 抖M女仆 to see if it's a good fit for you and your educational goals. Now's the time to register for an open house or campus tour and get to know the new, 抖M女仆!